122nd Annual Conference (2017)

Welcome Exhibitors

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This is THE information sheet for Exhibitors 

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Please accept our gratitude for your time
and energy in engaging in the Application process and for your support of science educators.

One of the hallmarks of the STANYS annual conference is being able to network with representatives of companies and organizations that support educators and science education. Many do not realize that teachers do not often get the opportunity nor the time to engage with knowledgeable sales reps, organizational reps and others in regards to the ever changing framework of  science  and related resources. We are so pleased that you are considering submitting an application to participate in our conference, November 4-6, 2017.

Submissions open March 15 and close May 15, submitting your application before the deadline will insure inclusion in Conference plans and communications. 

Please read the safety guidelines here:

Safety Guidelines

1. Presenters, exhibitors, and keynote speakers should seek permission from STANYS for open flames or other potentially dangerous or hazardous demonstrations.

2. All local safety laws should be enforced by STANYS at their Annual Conference and at Section meetings, conferences, and workshops.

3. The STANYS Safety Committee incorporates the above safety provisions in the materials give to presenters and exhibitors.

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